Art. Opaline
Art. Opaline


Castello del Barro is synonym of Opaline, this is since the beginning the most popular and appreciate fabric of our collection.

Opaline is high quality, is an amazing look, is nicest and largest range of colors, is silk touch even if is synthetic, that means high stability of the fabric to the stitching process and washability. Opaline is all of this, and only once you try it, you can discover why is the fabric that everybody would like to use it to style the curtains. Can be used for modern apartment, and contemporary houses, can be manufactured as elegant and classical curtains for traditional houses, suitable for all areas from living to bedrooms.

Many copies of Opaline have been made, but it's the special finishing that is made on the fabric that makes it unique and not comparable with other fabrics on the market.

On Opaline quality has been developed a full range of fabrics from printed, to embroider that you can find on a dedicated section of this web site.