Art. Damaris
Art. Damaris


The fabric Damaris is a light, transparent embroidered Tulle. The embroidery, delicate with a floral motif, is made on a tulle background that embellishes the end result. In addition it has nice edges on both sides, which makes the job of stitching very simple. Also if you want to place two sheers one near the other, the lateral endings give continuity to the decoration, ensuring a pleasant and sophisticated effect.

The white color makes it suitable for all house styles and match nicely with all kind of furniture. The maximum versatility of this fabric is guaranteed by the availability of three widths: cm. 65 or cm. 140 or even the largest of 280 cm; that is very recommended for the living rooms or the master bedrooms curtains. Smaller sizes are suitable for kitchens windows and small bedrooms or bathrooms.

Despite its delicate appearance, the curtain is water-washable with a delicate program and is not subject to shrinkage.