Art. Pepenero
Art. Pepenero


This is a plisse' fabric metallic effect, this idea is suggested from the range of colors that are silver, dark grey, light and deep gold and a dark violet. The fabric is cm 200 width, that give a big advantage if compared with the standard plisse' of cm 150 width, in fact is possible to make a rich decoration of one standard width window with just one drape. Furthermore, the fabric is itself very rich and is not necessary to double the fabric to make folders as a traditional plain sheer.

If you want to reduce the stitching process, you can order ready-made drapes: under you request we can stitch the fabric on three sides, and you'll just have to adjust the top. We have special machinery that emphasize the plisse' effect and ensure you a good results. Any high can be available, but we deeply recommend to leave the curtains a little bit laying on the floor.

The fabric can be washed in the washing machine and the plisse' effect is permanent.