Art. Kristal
Art. Kristal


Compared with Pepenero, that is the other fabric you should consider if you like plisse' metallic effect, is less transparent, so you should base your decision on the transparency you would like to have and on the color range of the two fabrics.

The other characteristics are the same, in fact also this fabric is cm 200 width, and any length is available, the effect of one drape is rich, because the fabric has been already folded with this permanent plissé effect, so it's not necessary to double the quantity of fabrics as is usually calculated for plain sheer.

Under request, thanks to the experience of our Italian tailors, we can provide ready-made curtains, stitched on sides, you just need to send us your final measurements, taking in consideration that this kind of fabrics must lay a little bit on the floor.

This fabric it's easy to wash and it's not necessary to iron it, even if is possible if necessary.