Art. Pilates
Art. Pilates


Fabric made by 100% Pure Linen, ideal for those who love the pleasantness of natural fibers: in fact the material is soft and smooth to the touch, and thanks to the stone-wash treatments made by on the row material, it doesn’t shrinkage, and doesn’t require to be pre-washed before the stitching. The range of colors in made by more than 20 shades that go from the whites, the naturals, the greys  till the warmer colors of bronze, oranges and violet.

It is cm 310 high, and any width can be choose to cover, without stitching in the middle, the widest windows and Verandas. It can be matches with the jacquards of the same collection: Yoga-Fitness-Jogging-Avatar.

Washable in the washing machine at 30°.