Art. Delipop e Ivory
Art. Delipop e Ivory


This curtain is made by a plissè sheer, half transparent, decorated on the bottom side and on one lateral side by a rich rouche of Taffetas.

The color we can use to manufacture the curtain can be choose from the wide range of Peperosa, where you can find lots of natural shades such as off white, milky white and also lots of pastel colors such as powder and light grey that are very contemporary and on line with the today’s furnishings. To each of them we will provide the best matching color for the rouche.

The plissè effect is permanent, even after washing, which makes this panel very practical and not only extremely beautiful. The sizes can be customize according with your requests. As shown in the picture, you can use it in combination with Ivory: that has been manufactured on the high quality Taffetas Italy’s and Very best.
In this model an elastic, stitch with an embroidery machine, decorates the fabric creating folders in the upper part of the curtains giving an idea of richness.

Thanks to this special technique also the bottom part is emphasize,  becoming voluminous much more than a curtain styled with a traditional tape on top.