Art. Dolcetto e Soave
Art. Dolcetto e Soave


The curtain Dolcetto is a drape made by Taffetas Ecoseta to which along all the length of cm 300 has been stitched a board of soft chenille. What we suggest in order to achieve the best decorative effect is to place two drapes one near the other in order to have two embroidery lines that face one another in the middle part of the window.

The standard width is cm 150, anyway under request both the width and length can be modify. We kindly invite you to choose your favorite color from the color range of Ecoseta Taffetas and to provide us this information in order to receive a customize curtain.

The fabric must be dry clean.

You can further embellish the window decoration if you use the coordinated curtain Soave. The panel Soave has been styled thanks to our plissè half transparent fabric Peperosa, on which, at the bottom part has been stitched an embroidered chenille board. The selection of color can be done from the tones of Peperosa fabric.

The standard size is cm 150 width and cm 300 high, but according with your wisher can be manufactured higher.

We recommend to dry clean.