About Us
We could mention 1975,
year in which Castello del Barro was founded, or we could describe that breathtaking portrait caught in between a stunning lake and a mountain where the firm rises. The real content of Castello del Barro is its founders, and we will start from them to tell you more about us:
Lelly, Gio and Mario, the three persons thanks to which we are here today to recount, on our website, the history of this success.

Lelly: the perfect synthesis between an innate taste for beauty and a profound knowledge of fabrics make her the spearhead of our fashion department.She is the person that identifies the trends and concretes them in the fabrics, resulting in the creation of the inimitable color ranges of Castello del Barro.Her technical skills and the continuous research of innovative materials give birth to those soft fabrics, that our customers desire and our competitors try to copy. It is therefore thanks to her creativity that Castello del Barro introduces every year a wide range collection of new items amongst which you can find plain fabrics, printed, jacquard and fancy.

Gio: he is the CEO, and is the entrepreneur that endeavors so that there is always a well-furbished inventory with more than 250.000 meters of goods in stock, to guarantee to our clients an immediate shipping of their orders.On top of this, he also relies on the highly specialized employees of our firm to realise the particular requests of our clients.As a matter of fact, Castello del Barro is the ideal partner for the customization of your furniture projects, since it is a firm that produces and packages its own products, proud of exporting the “Made in Italy” in more than 30 countries. Last but not least, he follows the sales in German, Austria and the Netherlands; it is thanks to him and to his 9 agents team that in these areas we are known not only for pizza, but foremost for the Opaline.

Mario: He is the one that in first person, together with a qualified agent network, promotes the Castello del Barro products in furniture shops, architectural firms and interior design companies. His role is a key one in the organization and the participation to the main exhibitions of our field, from Maison & Objet in Paris, to the Salone del Mobile in Milan, also including the Index in Dubai and the DecoRus in Moscow.

…and what about the future? It is in the hands of as much of a dynamic and enthusiastic staff, but this is another story!